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Jan 2022
“Consider Your Ways!”

The theme of Haggai is “consider your ways.” By this time in Israel’s history, they have returned to Jerusalem from their 70 year captivity. They were permitted to go back under Zerubbabel and Joshua’s leadership and rebuild the temple. But sadly, the work was great and difficult, and they lost their focus. Instead, they stopped the rebuilding of the Temple and built for themselves nice houses. They even went so far as to say, “The time is not come, the time that the LORD’S house should be built.” The Lord had worked in......

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Jun 2019
Lessons from Abigail

Proverbs 2:11…”Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee.” Discretion is that discernment which enables a person to judge critically of what is correct and proper, united with caution (Noah Webster’s Dictionary). And when one thinks of this, Abigail, of 1 Samuel 25, must come to the forefront. In verse 3 she is described as a “woman of good understanding” and “beautiful countenance,” compared to her husband Nabal, “churlish” (cruel, obstinate) and “evil in his doings.” In spite of her circumstances, she remained faithful to her husband, her very large household and......

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Apr 2019
Why is it “Good” Friday?

I have been asked many times throughout my ministry, why do we call the day Jesus died Good-Friday? Why is this good? Since Jesus was so brutally treated and crucified, how could this be good? Some say that the name Good Friday has developed from the older God’s Friday. Some traditions call it Holy Friday, Sorrowful Friday, and Long Friday. But we will look at the name Good Friday. To answer the question let’s first look at why did Jesus come? John the Baptist tells us in John 1:29 that He came......

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Jun 2018
A Christian response to immigration

again, the topic of immigration fills the headlines and newscasts. We watch news broadcasts and talk shows, we listen to “experts” debate and argue our government’s immigration policies. Those on the left and right are at odds with each other, but most Americans are somewhere in the middle. Politians blame the other party, past or current administrations, and sadly nothing gets done about immigration reform, and the proverbial can is once again kicked down the road. While all this blame and policy debate is happening, we seem to forget that people and......

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Feb 2018
A Sad Valentine's Day

Once again, we’ve heard the tragic news about another school shooting. This time from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where as of today (2/15/18), 17 people have lost their life. We have witnessed shootings at schools, colleges, clubs, and concerts. Also, people driving trucks into crowds, or blowing up bombs in crowded areas. The two reoccurring questions that I hear are why is this happening? or, what is wrong with people today? I do not want to bring politics or prevention into this discussion, I will leave that to......

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Jan 2018
One Should Be Understanding The Age

Developing a Christian/Biblical World-View “Understanding the Age in which we live” Introduction II Timothy 2:24-26 -We must be educated and know about the Age in which we live. -How else will we be able to effectively reach the lost around us? -We as fundamentalists cannot be stuck in the 1970’s. -We must never change our message, but our methods can (within a proper biblical context). -Ex. Door knocking isn’t effective anymore, but should we still evangelize our community? -I am not saying we win the world by being like the world, but......

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Jan 2018
The Sufficiency Of Scripture

Developing a Christian/Biblical Worldview “Believing the Sufficiency of Scripture” Introduction II Timothy 3:16-17 -A truly C/BW-V, begins with the conviction that God Himself has spoken in the Scriptures. -As Bible believing Christians we should be committed to the Bible as the inerrant and authoritative Word of God. -We believe the Bible is reliable and true from cover to cover. -The Bible is therefore the standard by which we must test all other truth-claims. -A truly C/BW-V is one in which the Bible, rightly understood, is the established foundation, and the final authority......

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Jan 2018
Humanities Dilema

Developing a Christian/Biblical World-view “Humanities Dilemma, Sin” Text: Genesis 3:1-7 Introduction -As we continue in our study of developing a Christian/Biblical World-View we have already seen the importance of having a Christian World-View, believing in the sufficiency of the Scriptures, believing that God created everything, and developing a Biblical mind-set. -Since we already know that God created everything, we have an accurate account found in the Scripture, we need to have a biblical understanding of sin. -How did we get here? -Genesis 3 explains the condition of the universe and the state......

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Jan 2018

Developing a Christian/Biblical World-view “Understanding Reconciliation” Text: II Corinthians 5:18-21 Introduction -Why is understanding reconciliation so important to understand when discussing a CBWV? -Because most of the world has no idea that we need to be reconciled to God, or has a wrong idea of reconciliation. -In our last message from this series we saw humanities dilemma, sin! -We are hopelessly lost sinners unable to come to God on our own. -This sin separates us from Him, and we need to be reconciled. -The Biblical definition of reconciliation is; a change of......

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Dec 2017
Should Be True Spiritual Worship

Developing a Christian/Biblical World-View “What is true spiritual worship?” Scripture Reading: Psalm 95:6-7a Text: Isaiah 6:1-8 Introduction -Developing a Christian/Biblical World-View concerning true spiritual worship is vital. -We live in a day where almost anything goes when it comes to worship. -Most of Evangelical Christianity is clueless when it comes to true biblical worship, the kind of worship that the Lord accepts. -The focus has been shifted from God to self, and this is not the worship that the Lord accepts. -Is it your desire to commune with God when you come......

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