The Sufficiency Of Scripture

The Sufficiency Of Scripture

Developing a Christian/Biblical Worldview

“Believing the Sufficiency of Scripture”


II Timothy 3:16-17

-A truly C/BW-V, begins with the conviction that God Himself has spoken in the Scriptures.

-As Bible believing Christians we should be committed to the Bible as the inerrant and authoritative Word of God.

-We believe the Bible is reliable and true from cover to cover.

-The Bible is therefore the standard by which we must test all other truth-claims.

-A truly C/BW-V is one in which the Bible, rightly understood, is the established foundation, and the final authority for everything we hold true.

-The Bible should shape what we believe, from start to finish, it should govern how we behave, and should be the framework for our entire outlook on life.

-This has to be the crucial, foundational starting point in developing a C/BW-V.

-But, is the Bible, in and of itself, sufficient to furnish us with a complete world-view? Yes.

-Sadly, many Christians today don’t believe that.

-What do we mean when we say the Scriptures are sufficient?

-It means that the Bible is an adequate guide for all matters of faith and conduct.

-Sadly, the church by and large, does not believe this anymore.

-The average Christian believes that we need the Bible plus something

-The sufficiency of Scripture is under attack, and the effect upon the collective C/BW-V in evangelical Christianity has been disastrous.

  1. Does the Bible claim to be sufficient?
  2. II Peter 1:3
  3. II Corinthians 9:8
  4. The power of God resides in the inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word of God. When believers read, study, meditate, obey, and apply the Bible to their lives, they realize its sufficiency to deal with any situation in life.
  5. The sufficiency of the written Word of God: Psalm 19:7-14
  6. The law of the LORD: verse 7a
  7. Law: divine teaching
  8. Is perfect: whole, complete, sufficient
  9. Converting the soul: reviving, transforming, refreshing
  10. The testimony of the LORD: verse 7b
  11. Testimony: witness
  12. Sure: unwavering, immovable, worthy to be trusted
  13. Making wise the simple:
  14. Simple: open-minded (not good)
  15. Wise: skilled in matters of practical godly living
  16. The statutes of the LORD: verse 8a
  17. Statutes: precepts, divine principles, guidelines
  18. Right: the right spiritual path as opposed to the wrong
  19. Rejoicing the heart: to follow God’s path produces a life of joy
  20. The commandment of the LORD: verse 8b
  21. Commandment: authoritative character of the Word
  22. Pure: clear
  23. Enlightening the eyes: illumination in the midst of moral, ethical and spiritual darkness
  24. The fear of the LORD: verse 9a
  25. Fear: to bring the hearers of the Word to a reverential, worshipful, awe of God
  26. Clean: the total absence of impurities, filthiness, defilement, or imperfection
  27. Enduring forever: never changes or needs to be changed for each new generation (eternally contemporary)
  28. The judgments of the LORD: verse 9b
  29. Judgments: rules, ordinances
  30. True: opposite of false (in a world that looks for truth)
  31. Righteous altogether: complete, sufficient, error free source of all truth
  • The value of the sufficiency of the written Word of God: Psalm 19:10-13
  1. To have the Word of God is better than earthly wealth: verse 10 a
  2. To have the Word of God is better than earth’s greatest pleasures: verse 10b
  3. To have the Word of God is to have spiritual protection: verse 11a
  4. To have the Word of God is the source of greatest profit: verse 11b
  5. To have the Word of God is to have the greatest source of purification: verses 12-13
  6. Our commitment to the sufficient Word of God: Psalm 19:14
  7. We need to let the Bible make our thoughts and words Biblical
  8. We should be people of the Book


-If Christians today were as excited about the Bible as they are about the materialism of the world, the character of the Christians and the Churches would be very different, and our testimony to the world would be consistent and powerful.

-Because Christians have lost their commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture, they have embraced world-views that are not truly Biblical.

-That is why Christians are leaving the Word of God in order to chase all kinds of worldly ideas.

-The Church’s message must not be the Bible plus the world, but the message that the Bible alone is sufficient.

-Is the Bible really sufficient to meet every problem of human life? Yes it is!

-The Bible must be the starting point for a true C/BW-V

-Scripture is true. Scripture is reliable. Scripture is suf


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