Humanities Dilema

Humanities Dilema

Developing a Christian/Biblical World-view

“Humanities Dilemma, Sin”

Text: Genesis 3:1-7


-As we continue in our study of developing a Christian/Biblical World-View we have already seen the importance of having a Christian World-View, believing in the sufficiency of the Scriptures, believing that God created everything, and developing a Biblical mind-set.

-Since we already know that God created everything, we have an accurate account found in the Scripture, we need to have a biblical understanding of sin.

-How did we get here?

-Genesis 3 explains the condition of the universe and the state of humanity. It explains why the world has so many problems. It explains the human dilemma. It explains why we need a Savior. And it explains what God is doing in history.

-Without Genesis chapter 3, most of the rest of the Bible makes no sense. This chapter is foundational. Every world-view that lacks this foundation is hopelessly wrong.

-After God created the world there was no chaos, no disorder, no conflict, no pain, no sorrow, no deterioration, no death, and no sin (see Genesis 1:31).

-It is hard for us to image a perfect world.

-Naturalistic Evolution offers no explanation for Humanities dilemma, much less any solution.

-Who designed us to know the difference between good and evil? Where did the human conscience come from? Evolutionists are clueless.

-The biblical description of humanity’s fall into sin refutes the fundamental idea of evolution.

-Instead of teaching that man began at the bottom and worked his way up, Genesis 3 teaches the opposite, man started at the highest pinnacle of the created order, but because of Adam’s sin, the history of humanity is the story of disgraceful moral and spiritual decline.

-Humanity today is worse than ever before (II Timothy 3:13).

-How did we get to this state? Genesis 3 answers that question with clarity and simplicity (see Romans 5:12; I Corinthians 15:22a).

-Nothing we can do for ourselves will free us from the bondage of sin. Adam’s sin had a catastrophic effect, on himself, creation, his progeny, and upon you and me.

-We cannot make sense of humanities dilemma without understanding Genesis 3.

-Genesis 3 is the biblical and authoritative account of what happened to ruin the paradise of Eden.

  1. The serpent: verse 1a
  2. Satan, the adversary; Lucifer, the shinning one:
  3. II Corinthians 11:3
  4. Revelation 12:9
  5. Genesis, maintaining an earthly perspective, is silent about the fall of Satan which occurred in heaven:
  6. Isaiah 14:12-15
  7. Ezekiel 28:11-19
  8. He was in Eden (13), he was created perfect until iniquity was found in him (15).
  9. The moment he lifted himself up with pride was the moment he fell:
  10. Luke 10:18
  11. He did not fall alone:
  12. Revelation 12:4
  13. Matthew 25:41
  14. The strategy: verse 1b-5
  15. He is a liar:
  16. John 8:44
  17. He is an angel of light:
  18. II Corinthians 11:14
  19. All temptation casts doubt on God’s Word.
  20. God only wants what is best for us, Satan lies and says He is holding things from you, etc…
  • The seduction: verses 6a
  1. Sin in the mind goes to work on the emotions, and incites the will, which yields the act:
  2. James 1:13-15
  3. Temptation: I John 2:16
  4. Physical appetite (the lust of the flesh): “the tree was good for food”
  5. Emotional appetite (the lust of the eyes): “it was pleasant to the eyes”
  6. Intellectual appetite (the pride of life): “the tree was able to make thee wise”
  7. In all these years Satan has not changed his strategy and has perfected his craft:
  8. The sin: verse 6b
  9. When sin penetrates the mind, emotions, and will, it will always be manifested in sinful actions:
  10. They ate:
  11. Simple act with terrible consequences:
  12. The shame: verse 7
  13. Sin instantly destroyed their innocence:
  14. Shame, guilt, exposed
  15. Like Satan, Adam and Eve’s sin caused them to fall so far that there was no good in them:
  16. Ephesians 2:1-3
  17. An avalanche of sin was loosed and could never be stopped.


-The only solution to this terrible world-wide dilemma is the re-creative work of God.

-Man has no answer to humanity’s sin problem, NONE!

-II Corinthians 5:17; John 3:3, 7


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