Restoring Masculinity

Restoring Masculinity

Developing a Christian/Biblical World-view

“Restoring Christian Masculinity”


-In the confused world in which we live, we must develop a Christian/Bible World-view concerning masculinity.

-What does it mean to be masculine?

-What does it mean to be a man?

-Is it being macho like Rooster Cogburn, Harry Callahan, or John Rambo?

-Am I a man because I sprinkle gun powder on my rare steak before I eat it?

-Am I a man because I can whoop everyone in the room?

-Am I a man because I ride a Harley not a Honda?

-Am I a man because I hunt, fish and trap?

-Am I a man because I sing bass and not tenor?

-Am I a man because I can grow facial hair?

-Am I a man because I am successful in business?

-Am I a man because I have a college education?

-Am I a man because I lettered in sports?

-Am I a man because my family listens to every word I say without question?

-Or is it to be “brave”, as the world would say, to be born Bruce Jenner but realize you are Katlyn Jenner?

-Am I a man because I am sensitive and in touch with my feminine side (which men don’t have)?

-Am I a man because I am romantic?

-How can there be so many opinions about what a man is?

-The history of the world’s concept of masculinity is a sad commentary of how far man has strayed from God’s original intent.

-Even the lines of one’s gender are being redefined (see Proverbs 14:12).

-A Christian must have a clear understanding of what distinguishes a man from a woman according to their Creator (see Genesis 1:27 “them”; 2:25 they even look different).

-As we think of developing a Christian/Biblical world-view, a strong and godly masculine man will be characterized by the qualities that are necessary to fulfill the roles that God has given to him.

-These roles are:

A man is to be a leader:

  1. As seen with Adam: Genesis 1:28; 2:18
  2. Adam was to lead, Eve was to follow and help
  3. As seen with the husband: Ephesians 5:23
  4. Husbands are instructed to be the leader of the home
  5. As seen in the Church: I Timothy 3:1-13
  6. If all Christian men were taught that it is masculine to initiate and lead, there would not be such a lack of male leadership in the home and church.
  7. Qualities needed to be a leader:
  8. Wisdom
  9. Initiative
  10. Decisiveness
  11. Courage
  12. Personal involvement
  13. Humility

A man is to be a lover:

  1. Husbands are singled out as needing to exemplify Christ-like love:
  2. Ephesians 5:25
  3. Christ commanded His disciples to love one another as He loved them:
  4. John 13:34-35
  5. Qualities needed to be a lover:
  6. Giving
  7. Gentleness
  8. Consideration
  9. Kindness
  10. Servant-hood
  11. Self-sacrificing
  • A man is to be a protector:
  1. God has made a commitment to protect believers:
  2. II Thessalonians 3:3
  3. A man must make the same commitment to protect his wife, children, family and church:
  4. I Corinthians 16:13
  5. Qualities needed to be a protector:
  6. Courage
  7. Boldness
  8. Strength (physical and spiritual)
  9. Watchfulness
  10. A man is to be a provider:
  11. It is masculine to provide for the needs of others:
  12. Ephesians 5:28-29
  13. Men should seek to provide for the needs of those God has placed in his care (physical and spiritual)
  14. Qualities needed to be a protector:
  15. Diligence (a good work ethic)
  16. Personal involvement
  17. Servant-hood


-A man can only be masculine as he realizes and fulfills his God ordained role as a leader, lover, protector and provider.

-He must first be a saved man, realizing his need of a Savior, and coming by faith to Christ alone for his salvation.

-He must then be growing more and more into the image of Christ, Who, is the ultimate picture of Biblical masculinity.

-John 13:15; Philippians 2:5


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