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Sowing the Gospel Seed

    Aug 28, 2016

    Passage: Luke 8:4-15

    Preacher: Dan Boyce

    Category: Personal Evangelism


    Sowing the Gospel Seed

    Text: Luke 8:4-15



    -As we continue the two-week series on personal evangelism, we must remember last week’s message, Fishing for men.

    -If we do not cast the net, if we do not cast the hook, we will never catch anything.


    -Today we see the Lord using farming as an illustration.

    -I do not have a green thumb, but many of you do.

    -I do not particularly like gardening, but, I enjoy the fruits of someone else’s gardening.

    -But I do know this, if you want a bumper crop, you need to labor a lot before the harvest.

    There is soil preparation, fertilizing, weeding, watering, and patience.

    -Another thing I do know is if you want a bumper crop you sow a lot of seed, the more seed the greater the harvest.

    -We will see today from the parable of the sower we need to be sowing much of the Gospel seed.


    -See I Corinthians 3:6-7

    -All we can do is sow and water, only God can give the increase.

    -The one who plants is nothing, the one who waters is nothing.

    -But the One who makes it grow and brings the harvest is everything.


    I. The Parable: verses 4-8a

    A. Jesus speaks a parable to the people: verse 4

    1. A earthly story with a heavenly message:

    B. A sower: verse 5a

    1. Casting his seed everywhere:

    C. The results: verses 5b-8

    1. The wayside: verse 5b

    a. Trampled and eaten by birds:

    2. The rock: verse 6

    a. Withered because of no moisture:

    3. The thorns: verse 7

    a. Choked:

    4. The good ground: verse 8a

    a. Bare fruit 100 fold:


    II. The disciples question: verses 8b-10

    A. Listen very carefully: verse 8b

    B. What does this mean? verse 9

    C. The two responses: verse 10

    1. Some do care and are concerned for spiritual things:

    2. Others don’t want to hear and are not concerned:


    III. The interpretation: verses 11-15

    A. The seed: verse 11

    1. Is God’s Word:

    a. We are to spread it everywhere:

    -Isaiah 55:11

    B. The wayside: verse 12

    1. Those whom the Devil takes away what is heard:

    a. Extremely hardened by life:

    b. They don’t believe:

    C. The rocks: verse 13

    1. They happily receive it but fall away when things get tough.

    D. The thorns: verse 14

    1. They hear the Word, but allow it to be choked by cares, riches and pleasures of this life:

    a. Double minded people bring forth no spiritual fruit:

    E. The good ground: verse 15

    1. But, “on the contrary”

    a. Honest and good heart:

    b. Hear the Word:

    c. Keep the Word:

    d. Bring forth fruit:

    - John 16:7-11; 15:1-8

    - Varying amounts of fruit (see Matthew 13:23)

    2. We need to be praying as we are sowing the Gospel seed that the Holy Spirit is preparing the soil of the heart to receive the Word of God:

    a. James 1:21-22 (engrafted = implanted)



    -Matthew 9:35-38

    -Jesus went everywhere spreading the Gospel seed.

    -We should also be moved with His compassion.

    -Notice the potential: “the harvest truly is plenteous.” God can give us a great harvest.

    -Notice the problem: “the laborers are few.” Why is this the case? 

    -Notice the power: “pray ye therefore.” I fear we don’t do this enough. Oh if we only knew the power of prayer.

    -Will you go everywhere sowing the Gospel seed?

    -If you don’t sow, nothing will grow.

    -Will you be one of the laborers in God’s vineyard?

    -Will you pray to the Lord of the harvest?

    -First for a great harvest and second for more laborers.

    -Cast the Gospel seed everywhere.

    -We can’t prepare the heart, we can’t make it grow.

    -But we can sow and we can pray. Please join me in this great task.