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Fishing for Men

    Aug 21, 2016

    Passage: Luke 5:1-11

    Preacher: Dan Boyce

    Category: Personal Evangelism


    Fishing for Men

    Text: Luke 5:1-11



    -Some people take fishing very seriously.

    -They spend thousands of dollars on equipment, boats, excursions and vacations.

    -Some men would say, “I got a rod and reel for my wife, man that was a good trade.”

    -You hear people say, “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work.”

    -For some, fishing is sport, recreation and relaxation.

    -I have spent a lot of time on and in the fresh water, and on the bays and off the shore in NJ fishing.

    -What can we learn from the sport of fishing that we can apply to fishing for men.


    -Jesus preaches a message from a boat, and the boat becomes a pulpit, and He forever ties fishing and soul winning together (verses 1-3).

    -See Proverbs 11:30

    -Notice the mention of fruit of a righteous life. A righteous person will lead people to the tree of life. He is wise who wins souls, who snatches men from the grips of Hell, who fishes for men.


    I. Fishing requires bait (or a net): verses 4-5

    A. Fish eat bait:

    1. Worms, bait fish, frogs, flies, lures, etc.

    B. Fishing for men requires:

    1. The Holy Spirit of God:

    a. John 16:7-11

    2. The Word of God:

    a. Romans 10:17

    Illustration: Just as we can use different means to catch fish, such as a net, a rod and reel, a fly rod, down riggers, out riggers, tip ups, trout lines, and so on, we can use different means in our fishing for men, such as, door-to-door, personal evangelism, literature evangelism, evangelistic campaigns, and so on. The important thing in fishing is, are the fish taking the bait. The important thing when fishing for men is the Holy Spirit working, and is the Word of God going forth.


    II. Fishing requires fish: verses 6-7

    A. An avid fisherman goes where the fish are biting.

    1. Are they biting? Catch anything?

    B. Fishing for men requires us to go out in our boat and get out of our comfort zone:

    Illustration: Fishing on lake Gatun in Panama, the largest man-made lake in the world, it is the lake that feeds the locks for the canal. We were in a hollowed out log with 6 men in it. A storm came up and tossed our tiny vessel, but we caught 70 fish that day. The best day of fishing I ever experienced.

    Sometimes fishing for men can be difficult and uncomfortable. Just as it was in Zandspruit South Africa. A squatter’s village for refuges where crime is rampant and many of the residents are infected with aids. But, God allowed us to catch a few souls.


    III. Fishing requires a willing fisherman: verses 8-9  

    A. A fisherman is prepared:

    1. Right spot, right time, right equipment, right bait, and patience.

    B. A fisher of men should also be prepared:

    1. I Corinthians 9:27

    a. Be obedient


    IV. Fishermen expect a catch:

    A. What kind of fisherman goes out and doesn’t expect to catch anything?

    1. The object of fishing is catching fish.

    B. How is your fishing for men going?

    1. Have you caught anything?

    2. Are they biting today?



    -Our own efforts are fruitless as seen in verse 5a

    -We need to follow Jesus’ exact instructions (see verses 4-7)

    -When we follow Jesus’ instructions we can expect a great catch.

    -Are you fishing? Keep fishing. Keep casting the Gospel net.

    -If you don’t cast, if you don’t throw you will never catch anything.

    -Some have never won a soul because they have never cast a hook or net.

    -Sometimes fishing for men is hard, just as fishing can be.

    -Illustration: fly fishing and obstacles, ice fishing and boring holes. Sometimes you’re alone, sometimes you’re with a friend, sometimes you’re on a party boat.

    -But fish and keep on fishing.

    -Fish or cut bait!


    -See Matthew 13:47-50

    -Fish, let Jesus separate and clean the fish.