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A Shout of Victory!

    Jul 31, 2016

    Passage: John 19:30

    Preacher: Dan Boyce

    Category: The Gospel


    A Shout of Victory!

    Scripture reading: John 19:28-30

    Text: verse 30



    -What a claim to make as your final words.

    -What a shout of victory.

    -3 words, yet they say so much, yet they mean so much.

    -Jesus’ life had an awful, yet glorious finish.

    -Awful in what man did to their Savior (you have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain).

    -Awful in what God did to His Son (yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him, smitten of God).

    -Glorious in what was accomplished (having made peace through the blood of his cross).

    -My dear friends, this is why Jesus put on flesh, this is why God became a man.

    -Philippians 2:8


    I. What does finish mean?

    A. Finish: to end, complete, conclude.

    1. Same word as accomplished in verse 28

    a. “It is finished”


    II. What is finished?

    A. A life full of purpose.

    1. This purpose was never absent or forgotten in Jesus’ life.

    B. Now the life and purpose for Jesus’ coming was complete:

    1. John 4:34

    2. John 6:38

    3. John 17:4

    a. I Peter 1:18-20

    C. Jesus had finished the work the Father had planned for Him.

    1. I have executed the great designs of the Almighty

    a. A life of complete obedience to the Father

    D. The humiliation of the Son of God was now complete

    1. I have suffered the utmost malice of my enemies


    III. What is accomplished by this finished work?

    A. All the prophecies concerning the Messiah’s first advent were completed.

    1. From Genesis 3:15 to John 19:41

    B. All the types and shadows of better things to come were realized:

    1. The tabernacle, the priesthood, the sacrifices, the holidays

    C. The great victory of a completed once for all sacrifice:

    1. The sin debt of the world was paid in full:

    a. By our Substitute

    2. The righteous demands of a Holy God were forever satisfied:

    a. Propitiation was made

    D. So now the way into the Holy of holies is made manifest through my blood:

    1. Mark 15:37-38

    E. A perfect righteousness agreeable to the Law was finished

    F. Redemption from its curse and condemnation was secured

    G. Sin was made an end of

    H. Full atonement and satisfaction given

    I. Complete pardon and forgiveness

    J. Peace and reconciliation

    K. Salvation, sanctification and glorification

    L. All enemies but one concurred:

    1. But that was coming in 3 days:

    a. II Timothy 1:10

    b. I Corinthians 15:26

    c. Revelation 20:14; 21:4



    -The hearer of these words welcomes the assurance that redemption has been wrought.

    -The ransom has been paid, so that salvation can now be published to all mankind.

    -Through the once for all crucified, risen, and now glorified Redeemer!!!


    -It is Finished, Halleluiah!!!